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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I think it was a month ago that I promised pictures. I'm such a slacker...I'm in the middle of a storm of knitting, and I think my fingers are working backwards. I have finished one Clapotis in KnitPicks Sock Something Hydrangea, and am making another one that needs to be finished by FRIDAY in KP Memories Rocky Mountain Dusk. That one's getting to the panic stages. I also know three people delivering babies in the next two weeks-ish, and since neither one found out what they're having, I am waiting until they're born to get started. Except for one girl. I *know* she's having a girl, so I'm making her T-Bar booties from Zoe Mellor's book and Miss Dashwood from Knitty in KP something totally impractical for a baby gift.

BUT--I have pictures of the bobble hat and booties I made for my other pregnant friend's son, who is due in July. They are from Debby Ware's book, and they were so fun and quick to knit. I like frequent color changes because, despite having to sew in 12 billion ends, it keeps my attention and goes very quickly. Unfortunately, my affinity for picking primary boy colors that make them look like little Rastafarians is very evident in this gift. Fortunately, my friend has a sense of humor.

As soon as the Clapotiseseseses are finished, I'm actually going to knit something for MY child. You know. Before everyone starts birthing their own.


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