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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Catching up...

So it's been a really long time since I posted. I have lots to share. I haven't been posting because I am not so sure about this new Blogger...I can make everything look beautiful in the Edit view, but then when I publish it, it's a big hot mess, as Tim Gunn would say. Very frustrating.

First of all, I have presents from people. My SP8 Secret Pal sent me yet another fantastic package that I love. Beautiful Noro, Cadbury mini eggs, sillyrabbit related sillyness, and there was a duck that quacked, but Little Man has developed a duck obsession, so he's made off with that cute guy. My secret pal is teasing me with a few clues. I know she's from MA--her postmark says Cambridge--and that she's 24, newly married, no kids.

Suemoon from the Sweet Swap has now sent me three wonderful things in the mail. This is the last package...I think the other pictures are on my other computer (Did I mention I got a new laptop? My mom decided she wanted a green one, so she got one and gave me her old one. It's really nice. Maybe someday I'll get everything transferred.) In addition to this fabulous package of chocolate, Sue also sent me some beautiful alpaca and silk yarn and several patterns by my favorite designer, Alan Dart. I have had a really hard time finding them, and LOVE every one of them. Sue found and sent me patterns that I didn't even know existed, including a knitting bear. I'm looking now to find a good yarn for them, and hope to get one started (and finished...) soon!

I love getting mail...both of these ladies have me feeling so spoiled!

My husband's birthday was in March and he requested a hat. I made him the Fake Isle hat from Magknits. It was a really quick knit and I loved the way it turned out. He...was less than enthused. It was kind of a bummer, actually. I've tried to knit him a hat four different times, and none of them have been right. This hat was the first that fit him perfectly, but I don't think he really likes it. It's possible that he's not liking it so much because he wanted Little Man to have a hat to match. I have another skein of that Noro, so I think I'll make Little Man one. The small size should fit his gigundo melon by the time winter rolls around again. I will probably make myself one in a brighter Noro, and then we can be a whole matching Fake Isle, gigundo melon family. Can you get away with this stuff when your kid is little, or is it still kind of dumb?
I really like the top.

In Little Man growing and developing news, he's crawling, pulling up, and eating a little bit of "people food". I would say the ratio of mouth:floor is maybe 1:3, which is not bad considering he's not eight months old yet. He's getting there...practice, practice.
Can you stand the cuteness?


  • At 8:47 AM, Blogger Margot said…

    Love the fake isle hat. I want to make that someday. The green near the beginning of the crown is so beautiful.

    B is adorable, too. I like the idea of the family hat set, but with different colorways so they're not too matchy-matchy.


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