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Monday, October 01, 2007

Blogstalking Week 3: My Ride

I love my car. It looks a mess in these pictures, but it's actually on the clean side for it. I do have two strollers in the back. One is a big one with a tray, the other is an umbrella stroller. I met a friend the other day and threw the little one in there in case she wanted to borrow it. Plus, this way I don't need to worry about them getting stolen off the porch. There's diapers, toys, cell phones, change, Boppys (I never learned how to nurse without one. I also can't nurse lying down. You'd think I'd have figured those things out eventually.), backpack carriers, water bottles, directions, etc.

One great thing about my car that I didn't take pictures of because it would have involved a lot of stroller juggling and I didn't feel like doing that, is that it comes with a picnic table for tailgating! You take all the stuff out of the trunk, lift up that little floorboard, and there's a little table all folded up under there. Under the picnic table is where I keep my emergency battery recharger and my tire jack.

There's a lot of stuff, but I prefer it this way. I've very rarely been caught without something that I need. If I am, I take note and add it. I'd much rather carry around a bunch of stuff than be inconvenienced, PARTICULARLY with a small child. Anything too clean and organized feels sterile and unwelcoming to me.

Do I like my CR-V? In short, I love it. It's the greatest car. It' years old? and still gets well over 30 miles to the gallon. We are a Honda family. My first car was an '89 Civic, my sister just traded her CR-V in for a Civic Hybrid, and my mom drives a Pilot. We've had the WORST luck with anything unHonda, so I'm a loyal customer. I plan on driving this into the ground, and then I'd love another one, or to upgrade to the Pilot.

So, there you go. You'll likely see 35 cars that look just like mine on the next trip you take, whether to Canada or to the grocery store, and now, you can wonder if it's me in there. If it is, honk! I'll wave! That one finger thing? Also a wave! I learned how to drive in DC!



  • At 1:48 PM, Anonymous olpp said…

    I hate to be so picky, but I was promised a festering McNugget action shot and, silly me, I must have missed it. Could you please address this issue?
    Thank you.

    PS- I want a Pilot.

  • At 2:56 PM, Blogger sillyrabbit said…

    Ack! I know. Imagine my husband's confusion when I looked horrified when he told me he cleaned out the car last week.

    Next time, sweets, I'll take a picture and email it to you.

  • At 3:30 PM, Blogger cpurl17 said…

    I'm a big Honda fan too. I love your little car!

  • At 6:30 PM, Blogger Beverly said…

    Love my CR-V too!

  • At 8:03 AM, Blogger Ed said…

    Good lord! that car is a total sty.

    It's like your handbag exploded and took out mothercare as well.

    I'm impressed.


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