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Friday, September 21, 2007

Blog Stalking Week 2: Purse Guts

Wow, my blog's about to fall over. I've never paid it this much attention before.

OK, so this was fun. I've always been known for carrying random, random, RANDOM things in my purse. It's been an icebreaker at something I've attended three times, and I've one every time. For those wins, I was carrying a pair of socks (CLEAN!), a cat toy, and a pack of lunchmeat turkey. I think they were at college orientation and a few teaching conferences, so not really places where I would need any of those things.

So, here goes.

Here's my purse. Nice little Vera Bradley shoulder bag with a zipper...I think it's a Betsy, if you're into such things.

Open it up, and you see this.

Then spread it all out on the coffee table and it looks like this.
So what is all this? I wrote it down for you:
Snack Trap, knitting project (Jumbo Elephant from Knitted Toys, swish dk and Harmony needles that I glued to myself the other day) my headband from Pretty Pretty, a ball, a turkey, a giraffe, a duck wearing a lei, a cube, a Koosh, Wee Sing for Halloween songbook, a knit sock, my wallet, a bag of hair, sun lotion, a baby fork, a baby spoon, my iPod (it's a dinosaur!), a phillips head screwdriver, my keys, my cell phone, my husband's wallet, a bag of wipes, insect repellant wipes, Gold Bond anti itch, a tampon, a sewing kit, a Red Robin kids contest entry form, purple toenail polish, Phyto, 3 hair ties, a contact lens, hotel face soap, hotel body soap, an Ann Taylor Loft coupon, and a pen.


Oh, and the bag of hair? Because of this new look here:


Monday, September 17, 2007

Blog Stalking Week 1: Who I Am