sillyrabbit pretends to knit

Friday, June 30, 2006

Off to the Beach!

I am headed to the beach for a week and of course have knitting projects to go with me. I'm posting a list to hold me accountable! I'm taking:
1--Three quarter sleeve top from KnitSimple magazine in KnitPicks Sierra Cinnamon
2--Debbie Bliss raglan sweater in Blue Sky Cotton pumpkin
3--Log Cabin Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting in five million colors.
4--Cable Footies from One Skein, several pairs, in a variety of Lorna's Laces.

I promise pictures when I return! I'll have internet, but no ability to upload pictures. For now, look at the beach house!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Cable Footies

Hi Summer Fling Secret Pal! I'm excited to get to know you! Thanks for popping in!

In other news, I finally finished the cable footies from One Skein in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Icehouse. They look kind of funny, but that's because they don't have feet in them. Mine don't fit, so use your imagination and pretend that the toes aren't pointy anymore, and that's them.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I love presents!

Yay! What a great surprise! I was having a pretty lousy day, and my husband went out and brought me the mail, and look what was there! My One Skein Secret Pal present! I got a skein of Misti Alpaca in purple (my favorite color), three delicious-sounding tea bags (mango passionfruit, chocolate hazelnut, and chai spice), and a fabulous little box of chocolates. Good thing they came in a box, or there would be nothing there to take a picture of. I love alpaca, and have worked with a lot, but the Misti Alpaca is 100% softer than anything I've ever used before. I can't wait to work with it! I'll be on a project hunt for the rest of the afternoon.

Thank you, Secret Pal. You have perfect timing--you made my day!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Log Cabin

I'm doing a fabulous job of posting approximately monthly. I'm going to set a goal to post one thing a week. We'll see how that goes. Right now, it's 1130pm and I'm exhausted, but I want to post my progress on my Log Cabin blanket and declare that I really, really wanted it to not look like a rainbow. I have this obsession with rainbow order, so I actually put all the colors in a bowl and pulled them out at random to prevent this exact thing from happening, and yet, here we are. Clearly, it was meant to be. I really like it anyway, even if it does feel kind of like a rug now, and I am horrible at picking up stitches. Overlook, overlook, overlook. It'll be a great tummy time blanket.